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ANNOUNCEMENT: The Wesco Acquisition of Rahi has been finalized.

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Latin America: A Land of Opportunities

By Luis Schilling

February 16, 2022 - 4 min

I have been building international IT businesses in Latin America for eight years. Little has been heard or read about the region’s potential, but instead, we hear a lot about the challenges it represents. You will read about those challenges and our methods to overcome them, turning them into opportunities.

Business Opportunities in Latin America

According to Atlantico Digital Transformation Report, investment in the region skyrocketed from $5.3 billion in 2020 to an estimated 18.6 billion in 2021. The entrepreneurial ecosystem has grown tremendously, creating more than 30 unicorns since 2018, a vast majority in the fintech, e-commerce, and real estate sectors.

That’s not to suggest that the region wasn’t hit hard by the COVID-19 pandemic. Many companies had to lay off staff, with some even shutting down entirely. At the same time, this has created opportunities for U.S.-based enterprises to make strategic acquisitions and increase their workforce and customer base.

U.S. organizations have taken advantage of these trends to close technology skills gaps cost-efficiently. Indeed, IT talent tends to be cheaper in the Latin American region, especially compared to U.S. tech centers such as Silicon Valley.

Getting the Right Technology For Your Business

Many organizations entering or expanding their presence in the region will face several technical, logistical, political, and economic roadblocks. They must plan “greenfield” IT initiatives — new facilities that outfit the computer systems, network gear, and communication tools. Above all, existing facilities may require a “rip and replace” of existing technology infrastructure.

As a result of international trade restrictions, some IT solutions used by U.S. enterprises are not always available in the region. This means that some regionalization efforts need to take place. On the other hand, lead times for technology products are substantial. A lead time of four weeks in the U.S. could be three months in Latin America, so forecasting becomes critical for the region to keep your IT projects on track.

Proper planning and the right partnership can help your organization succeed.

The Value of Partnership With Customer-First Approach

Often, organizations must work with multiple IT vendors in different countries of the Latin American region. Only a few technology providers have that regional geographic approach, partnerships, and expertise to meet all of their needs.

As a leading systems integrator and global IT solutions provider company, Rahi made significant investments in Latin America to differentiate this approach. Our local team holds the know-how and skillset to deliver. Our Leadership holds the Silicon Valley mindset and understands our customer’s needs for scale.

The local team is based in Brazil, Mexico, Chile, and Argentina. It has delivered projects for U.S. customers with subsidiaries in the region and Latin America-based companies. Our Latin American capabilities span our entire solution suite: IT infrastructure, data center modernization, A/V and collaboration, and managed services. We have built a robust local supply chain while having importer of record capabilities in each country. We also help companies manage lead times and trade barriers by recommending products that minimize costs and delays.

Latin America is ripe for investment by companies that understand business there. Contact us and let Rahi help you overcome your IT challenges and maximize those investments.


  • As Director of Latam for Rahi, Schilling’s job is to navigate customers through the region’s challenges by educating them, being upfront, and setting the right expectations. He has previously held leadership roles at IT Services Companies as the CEO and Co-Founder. In the present, he built a team in Rahi that makes the experience of working in Latam seamless. The team is here to overcome language gaps, embrace cultural differences and accomplish these goals with speed.

, Latin America Director of Operations

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