ANNOUNCEMENT: The Wesco Acquisition of Rahi has been finalized. Read More

ANNOUNCEMENT: The Wesco Acquisition of Rahi has been finalized.

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Tips for Ensuring Your A/V System Works Flawlessly for That Big Meeting

By Rahi

January 10, 2019 - 3 min

A well-designed, high-tech board room serves as a showcase to impress customers and investors. A large, well-outfitted team meeting space provides a facility for training and “all-hands” meetings. Equipped with the latest conferencing and collaboration gear, these rooms bring a geographically dispersed workforce together by allowing personnel around the world to participate in organizational events.

But while large meeting spaces play a critical role in the modern workplace, they really aren’t used that often. The company board room may be used for quarterly meetings and earnings reports but otherwise sits empty. A team meeting space may be occupied during monthly meetings and holiday parties.

Meanwhile, all that A/V and conferencing equipment is sitting idle — or so one might think. In reality, network-connected equipment is quietly downloading and installing patches and updates pushed out by manufacturers. Firmware and software updates are, of course, essential to the proper functioning of the gear. However, updates can sometimes cause incompatibilities that prevent the various components from working together properly.

All too often, meeting coordinators will go into the board room, turn on the conferencing equipment, and find that it’s not working. The quarterly investors meeting is tomorrow — what do you do?

The Rahi A/V and managed services teams are here to help, but you can save yourself some headaches (not to mention a spike in blood pressure) by taking a proactive approach. Recognizing that seldom-used A/V and conferencing systems often have problems, it’s important to regularly test your equipment. That way you won’t be scrambling to schedule service the day before your important event.

Often all that’s need is to “reboot” your equipment so that any components that had a firmware or software update can “resync” with the rest of the system. If that doesn’t work, or if you don’t know how to do it, then call the Rahi Systems help desk and schedule support with one of our A/V experts.

Ideally, the same procedures should apply to all of your conference rooms. Although conference and huddle rooms may be occupied every day — even multiple times a day — the A/V and conferencing equipment may not be used that frequently. Regular testing of that equipment can help ensure that teams have the resources they need when they need them, without calling for support.

Another option is to utilize Rahi’s remote monitoring services. The support specialists in our Network Operations Center can monitor your A/V and conferencing equipment and take action if a problem is detected. In some cases, we can also perform proactive maintenance to ensure that everything is working optimally.

If you’re experiencing frequent issues, or if your equipment isn’t delivering a high-quality user experience, it may be time for a refresh. Rahi’s A/V experts can assess your environment and recommend strategic upgrades that enhance your conferencing and collaboration capabilities while maximizing your existing investments. We can also help you standardize the equipment across your environment to streamline procurement, budgeting, management and maintenance.

Your board room, team meeting space, conference rooms and huddle rooms play important roles in the day-to-day operation of your business. By regularly testing your A/V and conferencing equipment and proactively engaging Rahi Systems, you can help ensure that every meeting goes off without a hitch.


  • Rahi is a Global IT Solutions Provider, SI, and Value Added Reseller, specializing in the design, integration, and fulfillment of Data Centers, Cloud Computing, Enterprise Campus IT, UC/AV Communication Systems, Managed Services, and Global Services. Rahi has offices in 34 countries and provides professional and managed services in over 160 countries worldwide. With their global footprint, efficient team, strong vendor relationships, and Importer of Record Services (IoR), Rahi has the ability to build and deploy large-scale projects in hard-to-service countries such as Brazil, China, India, Turkey, and many others.


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The Importance of Quality Value Engineering in the Design of A/V Solutions

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Overcoming the Drawbacks of Traditional Application Delivery Controllers

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Technology investments can create value for the organization by reducing costs, increasing productivity, enhancing...

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AI Technologies, Practical Use Cases and the Road to Adoption

Once limited to science fiction movies and conversations about what could be, artificial intelligence (AI) now has use...

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With so much emphasis placed on securing data across the network, endpoints and the cloud, it’s easy to overlook the...

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Autonomous Vehicles are Pushing the Boundaries of the Edge

Autonomous vehicles may be driving on Texas roads soon. The Texas Department of Transportation just announced its plan...

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The Past, Present and Future of the A/V User Experience

When we started doing commercial A/V in the early 2000s, professional A/V was not focused on the user so much as making...

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Jan 22,2019
4 Cloud Principles that can Improve Your Network

Digital transformation continues to be a top business initiative in 2019. At the same time, organizations are looking...

Unified Communications
Jan 15,2019
How Rack Power Distribution Units Help You Future-Proof Your Data Center

One of the biggest challenges faced by IT managers is how to keep up with the rate of technology change. As hardware...

Unified Communications
Dec 18,2018
Imagining the Data Center of the Future Today

What will the data center look like in 2019 and beyond? That’s one of the most pressing questions facing data center...

Unified Communications
Dec 11,2018
How DCIM Tools Facilitate Data Centre Asset Management

IT asset management has never been easy, and it becomes exponentially more difficult as data centers increase in...

Unified Communications
Dec 04,2018
The Importer of Record Plays a Critical Role in Global IT Deployments

Massive amounts of data travel around the world at the speed of light, so it’s easy to underestimate the complexities...

Unified Communications
Nov 27,2018
How NVMe Helps You Take Full Advantage of High-Performance Applications

IDC has predicted the avalanche of data will reach 44 zettabytes by 2020 and 163 zettabytes by 2025. As data volumes...

Unified Communications
Nov 20,2018
Why Organizations Need a New Approach to the Campus Network

The campus network, both wired and wireless, has never been more important. Users rely on the campus network for ready...

Unified Communications
Nov 13,2018
Are Your PDUs Flexible Enough to Meet Today’s Data Center Demands?

You would think that plugging a device into an electrical outlet would be the simplest operation in the data center....

Unified Communications
Nov 06,2018
A Layered Approach to Securing Endpoint Devices

Employees today are increasingly likely to work from outside the office, employing a variety of endpoint devices to...

Unified Communications
Oct 30,2018
Networked Sound Brings Business Benefits and Security Risks

In a previous post, we talked about the evolution of A/V technology from isolated, standalone systems to networked...

Unified Communications
Oct 23,2018
How Digital Menu Boards Build Customer Engagement and Increase Sales

Whenever you go to a fast-casual dining establishment, coffee shop, deli or a movie theatre concession stand, you see...

Unified Communications
Oct 16,2018
Can Your Data Center Racks Withstand a Seismic Event?

On Oct. 18, more than 55 million people worldwide will participate in the Great ShakeOut, a drill designed to help...

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Oct 09,2018
Data Migration Requires Careful Planning and Execution

A U.K.-based bank recently discovered the risks and challenges associated with data migration. When it was acquired by...

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Employee Demand and Business Value Drive Video Conferencing Adoption

Video conferencing has become an indelible part of the enterprise landscape. Organizations are implementing video...

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Sep 18,2018
The ‘Integrated Environment’ Benefits Both Users and IT Operations

The traditional IT environment is built using best-of-breed components to support monolithic applications. Distinct...

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Sep 11,2018
LED Video Walls 101: What they are and How they Work

Digital signage is great for engaging customers and boosting sales. It allows you to deliver custom video, images and...

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Sep 04,2018
In-rack Cooling: Flexible, Agile and Highly Efficient

As organizations implement more powerful systems for data analytics, artificial intelligence (AI) and other...

Unified Communications
Sep 02,2018
Using Technology to Improve Productivity Requires a Strategic Approach

Most organizations could be more productive. Many business processes and workflows have bottlenecks that impede the...

Unified Communications
Aug 29,2018
Rahi Systems Expands Portfolio of IT Solution Offerings via Acquisitions and Growth

Strategic Acquisitions, New Locations and Enhanced Solutions Enable Rahi to Support Integrated Environments and...

Unified Communications
Aug 27,2018
5 Winning Ways to Optimize Data Center Performance

It’s the start of the 2018 college football season, and student athletes across the country are working hard to...

Unified Communications
Aug 20,2018
A Deeper Dive into the Components of a Digital Signage Solution

In our last post, we discussed the top five benefits of a digital signage solution. Digital signage can reduce the...

Unified Communications
Aug 14,2018
The Top 5 Benefits of Digital Signage and How to Capitalize on them

Organizations around the world are recognizing the benefits of digital signage as a transformative technology with...

Unified Communications
Aug 07,2018
Partnering with the Right Vendors Becomes Critical as IT Complexity Increases

People have been talking about “IT complexity” for years now, but a new survey conducted by Vanson Bourne adds...

Unified Communications
Jul 30,2018
How to Streamline the Deployment and Management of Your POP Sites

In our last post, we discussed why many organizations are building out their own Internet points of presence (POPs)....

Unified Communications
Jul 24,2018
Why Organizations are Building Out Internet Points of Presence

Consider these statistics from the Cisco Visual Networking Index Complete Traffic Forecast (2016-2021): Global IP...

Unified Communications
Jul 15,2018
How the Software-Defined Secure Network Protects the Entire Network

Every time a mobile device or Internet of Things (IoT) sensor connects to the network, there’s a real risk of a data...

Unified Communications
Jul 10,2018
Plan for Scalability when Implementing A/V Systems

Scalability is a critical concern in today’s IT environment. Given the accelerating pace of demand for IT services,...

Unified Communications
Jul 02,2018
Why the IoT Needs Out-of-Band Management

The Internet of Things (IoT) promises to revolutionize entire industries through greater efficiency, enhanced customer...

Unified Communications
Jun 26,2018
Data Center Commissioning Saves Time and Money

There’s a concept in building design and construction known as “commissioning.” Most of us understand the word...

Unified Communications
Jun 19,2018
Is Your Boardroom in Need of a Makeover?

When you think of a corporate boardroom, you probably envision a large space dominated by a mahogany table and leather...

Unified Communications
Jun 12,2018
Network Performance Lagging? Your Cabling Plant may be the Culprit

Five years ago, end-users may have been willing to wait 10 seconds or so for a video to load. They may have put up...

Unified Communications
Jun 05,2018
Why A/V Systems Require IT Expertise

Rahi’s A/V team is getting ready to head to the Infocomm Conference in Las Vegas June 2-8. This information-packed...

Unified Communications
May 28,2018
Can DCIM Help Optimize the Edge?

In the beginning was the data center, a centralized place where an organization’s IT assets were implemented and...

Unified Communications
May 22,2018
The Right Tools make Data Center Operations Safer and more Efficient

Data center operators are always looking for ways to save money and improve efficiency. Having the right tools can...

Unified Communications
May 15,2018
Modular UPS Systems Offer Greater Efficiency & Scalability

Energy costs eat up 25 percent to 60 percent of a data center’s operating expenses. For large facilities, that can...

Unified Communications
May 07,2018
Virtualization and Automation are key Telecom Industry Trends

The Rahi team is wrapping up International Telecoms Week at the Hyatt Regency and Swissôtel in Chicago. It’s been...

Unified Communications
May 01,2018
Turkey’s Role in the Growing Data Center Market in the Middle East

Microsoft recently announced plans to open its first data centers in the Middle East in 2019. Amazon will open its...

Unified Communications
Apr 24,2018
How AI can Optimize Storage Capacity and Performance Planning

Storage capacity planning has always been challenging, and the difficulty has increased along with escalating data...

Unified Communications
Apr 17,2018
GDPR Broadly Impacts Data Center Decision-Making

What is GDPR? How Does It Impacts Data Center Decision Making? Organizations around the world are focused on May 25th,...

Unified Communications
Apr 05,2018
The Role of DCIM in Data Center Modernization Initiatives

Ever-increasing IT demands are driving data center modernization initiatives that leverage private cloud and...

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Mar 29,2018
Your 10-Step Plan for a Successful Data Center Migration

Many organizations will face the need to relocate their data centers at some point in time. They may find that they are...

Unified Communications
Mar 22,2018
The Right Strategy is Critical when Moving to the Cloud

The shift from on-premises infrastructure to the cloud continues at a rapid pace. A recent study found that 93 percent...

Unified Communications
Mar 07,2018
GPU-Driven Applications Demand Highly Optimized Cooling

Rapid advances in artificial intelligence (AI) are being enabled by the graphics processing units (GPUs) Nvidia...

Unified Communications
Feb 22,2018
Capture index: The Cooling Efficiency Metric You Need to Know

“If you can’t measure it, you can’t manage it,” is an old business school maxim that’s just as applicable to...

Unified Communications
Feb 14,2018
Why Capacity Planning is Critical in the Colo Environment

Many organizations are opting to move into a colocation facility rather than build out or expand their own data...

Unified Communications
Feb 01,2018
Disaggregated Servers Deliver Data Center Resource Efficiencies

High-density data centers are all about efficiency. IT managers look for technology solutions that deliver high levels...

Unified Communications
Jan 31,2018
Out-of-Band Management for Converged Infrastructure Environments

According to the latest data from IDC, the worldwide market for converged infrastructure increased 10.8 percent year...

Unified Communications
Jan 15,2018
Enterprise-Class Storage Does Not Have to Bust the Budget

Data growth continues to accelerate, straining storage infrastructures and pressing organizations to find ways to...

Unified Communications
Jan 03,2018
Are You Still Organizing Your Data Center Based on Individual Racks?

For many years, the rack has been the standard unit of measure for data center resources. We talk about physical space...

Unified Communications
Dec 19,2017
The Benefits and Challenges of Data Center Consolidation

Given the ever-increasing business demands for IT services, physical space is at a premium in many data center...

Unified Communications
Dec 19,2017
The Benefits and Challenges of Data Center Consolidation

Given the ever-increasing business demands for IT services, physical space is at a premium in many data center...

Unified Communications
Dec 01,2017
7 Ways to Prepare Your Data Center for Natural Disaster

No one wants to think about a disaster crippling or even destroying their data center. But even as hurricane season...

Unified Communications
Nov 28,2017
The Role of Tape in Today’s Data Storage Infrastructure

The Role of Tape Storage in 2021 and Beyond As data volumes continue to grow at a mindboggling rate, many...

Unified Communications
Nov 20,2017
How Intelligent PDUs Improve Power Reliability and Efficiency

The 2017 holiday shopping season officially begins this week with Black Friday and Cyber Monday. The National Retail...

Unified Communications
Nov 14,2017
Choosing the Right Racks and Cabinets for Your Data Center

There are a number of reasons why data center densities are increasing. Business demands on IT are growing, and IT...

Unified Communications
Nov 07,2017
What to Look for in a Video Conferencing System

The cloud and mobile have made applications and data more accessible than ever. At the same time, they’ve made...

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Oct 31,2017
Build vs. Buy: Choosing the Right Approach for Data Center Modernization

In our last post, we discussed the critical importance of digital transformation in today’s hyper-competitive...

Unified Communications
Oct 24,2017
Why Digital Transformation Starts with Data Center Transformation

The concept of “digital transformation” has gotten a lot of attention in recent years. It involves not just the...

Unified Communications
Oct 16,2017
The Value of a Trusted Partner in Global IT Deployments

Deploying and maintaining IT infrastructure on a global scale is challenging for even the largest enterprises. It’s...

Unified Communications
Oct 10,2017
Hyper-Convergence Delivers the Best of Cloud and On-Premises Infrastructure

Although organizations are moving more applications and services into the cloud, certain workloads still require the...

Unified Communications
Oct 02,2017
How DCIM Can Help Optimize Data Center Operations

We’ve all heard the statistic. Eighty percent of the IT budget goes toward keeping the lights on in the data center....

Unified Communications
Sep 27,2017
Storage on Demand Offers Cloud-Like Agility, On-Premises Control

In Greek mythology, the Hydra was a many-headed serpent that could grow two new heads whenever one was cut...

Unified Communications
Sep 20,2017
The Data Center UPS: A Primer

The fragility of the electric grid was demonstrated once again as Hurricanes Harvey and Irma caused widespread power...

Unified Communications
Sep 12,2017
Data Center Relocation Projects Demand Planning & Expertise

They say that moving is the third most stressful event in life, following death and divorce. If the millions of...

Unified Communications
Sep 05,2017
The Growing Importance of Physical Security in the Data Center

While most discussions of IT security focus on logical controls, protection of the physical data center infrastructure...

Unified Communications
Aug 28,2017
Prefab ‘Pods’ Make Data Centers More Efficient

The prefabricated building concept dates back to the early 19th century, when London carpenter Henry Manning developed...

Unified Communications
Aug 23,2017
Why ‘Remote Hands’ and ‘Smart Hands’ Services are Essential to IT Operations

Despite the rise of cloud computing, organizations are still maintaining many applications and services on-premises....

Unified Communications
Aug 15,2017
Ireland Emerges as the Undisputed Champion in Data Center Facilities

There are a couple of Irish phenomena that have been making headlines lately. One is a loudmouthed mixed martial arts...

Unified Communications
Aug 10,2017
How In-Row Cooling Increases Data Center Efficiency

Cooling efficiency is a top priority for today’s data center operators. Increased data center densities enable...

Unified Communications
Aug 02,2017
Enabling On-Device Testing for Mobile App Development

Data Center Infrastructure Facebook recently provided an inside look at its mobile device testing lab when it allowed...

Unified Communications
Jul 27,2017
Out-of-Band Management: What’s Old Is New Again

There’s nothing new under the sun, or so the saying goes. That’s certainly the case for out-of-band management, a...

Unified Communications
Jul 18,2017
Why Zone Cabling Is Ideal for Integrating Smart Systems with the IoT

In the previous post, we discussed why structured cabling is critical to the Internet of Things (IoT). Organizations...

Unified Communications
Jul 11,2017
Why Structured Cabling Is Critical to the IoT

We could trot out the statistics about the billions of Internet-connected devices, objects, sensors, corporate assets...

Unified Communications
Jul 06,2017
Data Center White Space is Available, But You Have to Nail the Buildout

In a previous post, we discussed why data center operators are expanding beyond major metropolitan areas to build...

Unified Communications
Jun 27,2017
How Edge Data Centers Cut Costs and Enhance the User Experience

“Location, location, location” has long been the mantra in real estate. The idea is that location is the most...

Unified Communications
Jun 21,2017
Data Center Cooling Technologies That Improve IT Efficiency And Save Costs

Staying cool in the summer is at the top of everybody’s list. The same is true for data centers. Data centers have...

Unified Communications
Jun 07,2017
Streamlining Your Data Center for Streaming Media

How many times have you experienced listener fatigue while listening to your ‘favorite’ playlist on a long trip?...

Unified Communications
May 30,2017
Why Businesses Stay Loyal to Their Data Center Provider

Do you have a favorite restaurant? What makes you want to always go there? What makes you loyal to them even though...

Unified Communications
May 16,2017
How To Secure Your Data Centers Against Cyber Threats

You remember the saying, ‘Prevention is better than cure?’ That saying is much more relevant, given how almost...

Unified Communications
May 10,2017
How To Future-Proof Your Data Center With Fiber Connectivity

Staying connected is the current way of life. Bandwidth boundaries are blurring and with that, data centers are...

Unified Communications
May 03,2017
High Density Power Distribution Units (PDUs)

At Rahi, we are proud to work with several large web services and hyper-scale customers! Our customers push the...

Unified Communications
Apr 26,2017
Leasing Vs Buying IT Equipment: What Weighs Well?

The days of owning all the IT products and services within a company, are obsolete. With newer technologies edging out...

Unified Communications
Mar 21,2017
Data Center Cleaning

Spring cleaning can be hugely satisfying. The same is true while sprucing up your data centers. Data Center Dynamics...

Unified Communications
Mar 08,2017
Data Center Outsourcing Trends Spike

When businesses grow they also need to pay attention to managing their data servers. Owning and operating a data...

Unified Communications
Mar 02,2017
Modular Data Center Solutions For Dynamic Business Environments

The Internet of Things (IoT) has redefined the way we consume infotainment, and how we live our life day-to-day....

Unified Communications
Nov 03,2016
Power Play: Rahi Adds Data Center Electrical Design & Install Team

Most IT solution providers focus on compute, storage and networking technologies. Rahi Systems is uniquely qualified...

Unified Communications
Jun 25,2016
Rahi Systems Partners with Methode Active Energy Solutions to Deliver Li-ion UPS Technology

Exclusive agreement gives Rahi customers access to the first UPS Capable of reallocating power draw during peak...

Unified Communications
Jun 02,2016
Japan IT Week Did Not Disappoint!

Japan IT Week brought together over 90,000 attendees to discuss the latest’s technologies and software from around...

Unified Communications
Aug 18,2015
Solving high density, high efficiency data centre over current protection challenges

Overview – In a matter of 60 seconds, today’s Internet handles hundreds of new websites going up, thousands of...

Unified Communications
Aug 18,2015
NTT Communications establishes IoT office

Overview – NTT Communications has established an IoT Office to provide customers with secure IoT solutions that...

Unified Communications
Jul 16,2015
Basic Of Data Center Cooling

Heat: Waste Product IT equipment consumes electricity to operate and leaves behind heat as its “waste product.”...

Unified Communications
Jul 16,2015
Netherlands: The Best Hosting Place

If you ask an ordinary man, where the hosting services are done, he is bound to say the US. It is true that most cloud...

Unified Communications
Jun 17,2015
Micro data centre solutions for edge computing

“Through this new offer, Schneider Electric is addressing the latency, bandwidth and processing speed challenges...

Unified Communications
May 19,2015
Intelligent Power Distribution

Power & Cooling trends at top as the top challenges faced by almost all Data Center Operations & Management...

Unified Communications
Mar 10,2015
ZPE Systems Unveils NodeGrid Serial Console—96 Port Density, Open Architecture, Intel CPU-based, Fastest Serial Console Server On The Market

SAN JOSE, Calif.–(BUSINESS WIRE)–ZPE Systems® today unveiled NodeGrid Serial Console™. This new generation of...

Unified Communications
Feb 25,2015
We are proud of the diversity we present at Rahi Systems.

Rahi Systems has consistently been above the national average for the % of women employed in the company. Our local...

Unified Communications
Aug 08,2022
Rahi Tech Day – India 2022

Sushil Goyal, Co-Founder & COO, Rahi, says,” We are delighted to host our flagship tech event for the first...

Unified Communications
May 03,2022
Global Data Center “One-Stop” Delivery, Empowers Chinese Enterprises Overseas

Global Data Center “One-Stop” Delivery, Empowers Chinese Enterprises Overseas Shanghai, China – April 27th,...

Unified Communications
May 03,2022
Rahi Announces Strategic Partnership Agreement with Digital Realty

Global Data Center “One-Stop” Delivery, Empowers Chinese Enterprises Overseas Shanghai, China – April 27th, 2022...

Unified Communications
Feb 24,2022
Rahi Announces Significant Corporate Appointments and Expansions in the US and APAC Region

Fremont, Calif. – February 24, 2022 – Rahi, a global IT solutions provider, announced two significant leadership...

Unified Communications
Jan 28,2022
Rahi China Achieves Cisco Premier Integrator Certification

Rahi, global IT solutions provider, announces that its subsidiary in China obtained Cisco Premier Integrator...

Unified Communications
Oct 14,2021
Rahi APAC Joins Cradlepoint’s Partner Program to Fuel Enterprise Wireless WAN Adoption

Singapore –  13.10.2021 – Global IT Infrastructure company, Rahi has today announced a partnership...

Unified Communications
Jun 22,2021
Global IT Infrastructure Company Celebrates Five Years in Ireland

Limerick, Ireland — June 22nd, 2021 — Rahi, a global IT infrastructure company, is celebrating its fifth year in...

Unified Communications
Jun 04,2021
Rahi Announces Partnership With Cobalt Iron in the Middle East and Africa

[Cape Town, SA] Rahi has partnered with Cobalt Iron Inc., a leading provider of SaaS-based enterprise backup and data...

Unified Communications
Apr 01,2021
Rahi Signs APAC Distribution Agreement with EkkoSense to Offer Innovative Data Centre Software Optimization Solution in Region

APAC data centres will benefit from EkkoSoft Critical’s ability to consistently unlock 30% data centre cooling...

Unified Communications
Mar 25,2021
Rahi and iMasons Announce the Promotion of Data Center Scholarships at IT Sligo


Unified Communications
Feb 09,2021
Utelogy and Rahi Develop Joint Managed Services Solution for Remote System Management and A/V Room Control

  Los Angeles, USA, February 09, 2021 – Utelogy Corporation is adding Rahi to its team of global solutions...

Unified Communications
Jan 27,2021
Rahi Announces MEA Expansion

Cape Town, South Africa – 26.01.2021: Rahi, a global IT solutions provider, has announced a $5 million capital...

Unified Communications
Jan 18,2021
Rahi and Neat Announce Global Reseller Partnership

Fremont, CA – 01.19.2021: Rahi, a global IT systems integrator, has announced details of a global reseller...

Unified Communications
Dec 28,2020
Rahi and Aryaka Networks Announce a Strategic Partnership Streamlining Aryaka’s Cloud-First WAN Deployments

  [Pune, India, December 10th, 2020]  Rahi, India’s leading Global Enterprise & Network Solutions Provider...

Unified Communications
Dec 02,2020
Rahi Announces $5 Million Investment within Latin America

The Investment will see the Creation of 50 Jobs Over the Next Three Years. Fremont, CA – December 7, 2020 – Rahi,...

Unified Communications
Nov 16,2020
Rahi Announces Acquisition of Taiwan Based IT Solutions Company, Herpin Communications

Fremont, CA – November 2020 – Founded in 2012 and with 700+ employees located in over 30 worldwide locations, Rahi...

Unified Communications
Aug 25,2020
Rahi Announces Global Platform as a Service Model for Enterprise and Campus

The new PaaS venture will deliver cost predictability during unpredictable times. Fremont, CA – August 26, 2020 –...

Unified Communications
Jan 07,2020
Rahi Systems Launches Cloud Strategy Headed by New CTO Matt Robinson

Cloud practices, professional services, and managed services will complement Rahi’s industry-leading expertise in...

Unified Communications
Nov 14,2019
Rahi Systems Partners with Spirent to Deliver Lab as a Service Solution

Rahi’s data center and networking experts help customers build out lab environments that fully leverage Spirent’s...

Unified Communications
Jun 06,2019
Rahi Systems Acquires Serro, PiTek

  Strategic Acquisitions Enable Rahi to Expand Its Capabilities in Network Implementation and Support and Data...

Unified Communications
Jun 03,2019
Rahi Systems Partners with Maincubes for Data Center Solution Setups in Europe

Fremont, Calif. — June 3, 2019 — Rahi Systems announced today its partnership with maincubes, a European data...

Unified Communications
Apr 30,2019
Rahi Systems Receives 2018 Partner of the Year Award from ZPE Systems

Fremont, Calif. — April 30, 2019 — Rahi Systems has been honored with ZPE Systems 2018 Partner of the Year Award....

Unified Communications
Apr 10,2019
Rahi Provides Certified Training Program to Customers and Partners

Certified Data Center Design Program Teaches Best Practices for the Design, Construction and Operation of Data Center...

Unified Communications
Aug 29,2018
Rahi Systems Expands Portfolio of IT Solution Offerings via Acquisitions and Growth

Strategic Acquisitions, New Locations and Enhanced Solutions Enable Rahi to Support Integrated Environments and...

Unified Communications
Jun 13,2018
Rahi Systems Receives Samsung Smart Signage Award for Transportation

InfoComm 2018, Las Vegas, June 13, 2018 – Rahi Systems has been honored with a Samsung Smart Signage Award for...

Unified Communications
Dec 20,2017
Rahi Systems Teams Up With Nlyte To Expand DCIM Expertise In Europe

Fremont, Calif. — December 20, 2017 — Rahi Systems announced today its partnership with Nlyte Software, a software...

Unified Communications
Nov 27,2017
Rahi Systems Achieves ISO 9001:2015 Certification in Its Pune, India, Branch

Fremont, Calif. — November 27, 2017 — Rahi Systems announced today that its Pune, India, branch has achieved ISO...

Unified Communications
Nov 22,2017
Rahi Systems Honored by ACG SF with 2017 Outstanding Growth Award

Prestigious Award Recognizes Rahi’s Rapid Ascent from Startup to Global IT Powerhouse Fremont, Calif. — November...

Unified Communications
Aug 21,2017
Rahi Systems Introduces Data Center ‘Pod’ Solution

FlexIT Pod Maximizes Efficiency with Integrated In-Row Cooling System Fremont, Calif. — August 28, 2017 — Rahi...

Unified Communications
Aug 11,2017
Rahi Systems Brings to Market Innovative In-Row Cooling Units

Efficient Units Deliver Higher Capacity to Address Today’s Heat Loads Fremont, Calif. — August 11, 2017 — Rahi...

Unified Communications
Aug 02,2017
Rahi Systems Develops Enclosure That Provides 100% RF Shielding

RF Shielded Rack Isolates Equipment from Radio Frequency Interference Fremont, Calif. — August 2, 2017 — Rahi...

Unified Communications
Jul 17,2017
Rahi Systems Inks Exclusive Agreement to Distribute ServerLIFT Products in China

ServerLIFT Helps IT Personnel Move Equipment Efficiently and Safely Fremont, Calif. — July 17, 2017 — Rahi Systems...

Unified Communications
Jun 22,2017
Rahi Systems and Daxten Enable Data Centre Staff To Easily Lift Heavy Loads

Fremont, Calif. — June 22, 2017 — Rahi Systems announced today a partner agreement with Daxten, a leading...

Unified Communications
May 11,2017
Leveraging Immense Growth Opportunity In Turkey

Fremont, Calif. — May 15, 2017 — Rahi Systems is thrilled to announce the opening of its new office in Istanbul,...

Unified Communications
Jan 24,2017
Rahi Systems Adds Managed Services Offerings

Flexible Solution Gives Customers Greater Operational Agility Fremont, Calif. — January 24, 2017 — Rahi Systems...

Unified Communications
Dec 06,2016
Rahi Systems Expands Its Global Presence

Addition of Five Locations to Support Global and Local Partners Fremont, Calif. — December 6, 2016 — Rahi Systems...

Unified Communications
Nov 10,2016
Rahi Systems Launches New Website

Fremont, Calif. — November 10, 2016 — Rahi Systems is pleased to announce the launch of its new website, with a...

Unified Communications
Sep 20,2016
Rahi Systems Partners with Motivair to Deliver The ChilledDoor® Rack Cooling System

Rahi Systems Becomes Authorized Reseller with Motivair’s ChilledDoor® Division Fremont, Calif. — September 19,...

Unified Communications
Jul 11,2016
Rahi Systems Introduces Hyper-Converged Server Solution for Web-Scale IT Environments

FlexIT R Series Server Delivers Modular Compute and Storage Architecture with multi-generational Intel architecture....

Unified Communications
Jun 25,2016
Rahi Systems Partners with Methode Active Energy Solutions to Deliver Li-ion UPS Technology

Exclusive agreement gives Rahi customers access to the first UPS Capable of reallocating power draw during peak...

Unified Communications
Jun 14,2016
Rahi Systems Opens New Office in Ireland

Marcus Doran, Sales Director for Northern Europe Strategic Location Will Serve Customers throughout Northern...

Unified Communications
Mar 24,2016
Rahi Systems and ServerLIFT Corporation announce their partnership to distribute ServerLIFT products in South East Asia

Fremont, California March 24th – Rahi Systems and ServerLIFT Corporation announce their partnership to distribute...

Unified Communications
Mar 16,2016
Rahi Systems Launches FlexIT Integrated Solutions for Network and IT Managers, Data Center Operators at AFCOM Data Centre World

FREMONT, Calif.-Rahi Systems, a Data Center & IT Solutions provider, launched today its FlexIT Pre-Engineered...

Unified Communications
Sep 01,2015
Rahi Systems Appoints Paul Weber as Vice President of Engineering, Continues Expansion Globally

FREMONT, Calif. – Rahi Systems, a fast growing and innovative Data Center Solutions Provider, today announced the...

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