ANNOUNCEMENT: The Wesco Acquisition of Rahi has been finalized. Read More

ANNOUNCEMENT: The Wesco Acquisition of Rahi has been finalized.

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Certified Partner

IGEL Elevated Through Rahi

Next-Gen Edge OS for Cloud Workspaces

Securing and optimizing user access to virtualized apps, desktops, and cloud workspaces is not an afterthought. It's IGEL's sole focus. From hardware-agnostic software to portable software licenses, drag and drop profiling and no touch deployment to enterprise security already built-in, IGEL's technology exists to make IT's life easier. Once you experience IGEL's next-generation edge OS for cloud workspaces, nothing else will do.

The Rahi Difference

Global Distribution, Deployment and IOR
Certified Design & Implementation Team
Certified Preferred Partner for Integration and Sales

Maximize hardware life to save CAPEX


Easy endpoint management and control saves OPEX.


Protect network edges against attacks

Repurpose Existing Hardware

Extend the Life of PCs, Laptops & Thin Clients

Enterprise Secure

Read Only OS – Resilient To Viruses & Malware

Hardware Agnostic Convert Any X86 Endpoint

We believe in aligning our beliefs and intentions with our words and actions.

Complete Solution For WFH

Convert Any Endpoint into A Corporate Managed Device

IGEL OS Has Revolutionized End User Computing

Currently, in its 7th generation, the time-tested IGEL OS operating system standardizes your endpoints and provides for adaptive configuration and granular control, while giving users a familiar, trouble free workspace. Supporting more remote display protocols, 3rd party partner solutions to address nearly every business need, and attached peripheral devices than any alternative solution, IGEL OS is purpose-built for enterprise access to virtual environments of all types

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What is IGEL OS?

IGEL Thin Client Hardware


Overcome Networking Issues With Rahi’s ELEVATE Services to Streamline Your Business Growth

Let Rahi's network experts discover how to keep your IT infrastructure secure and scale your business beyond borders.

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