ANNOUNCEMENT: The Wesco Acquisition of Rahi has been finalized. Read More

ANNOUNCEMENT: The Wesco Acquisition of Rahi has been finalized.

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Workplace Productivity Solutions for Business Agility

The modern workplace has evolved into an integrated environment where remote, on-site, and global employees collaborate. Enterprise workplace productivity solutions improve business agility, boost morale and make collaboration work.

Modern workspace solutions to maximize workplace productivity

The modern workplace is constantly evolving. To stay ahead of the curve, organizations need an A/V technology partner who is innovative and expert in technology implementation. Rahi as a global systems integrator has partnered with innovative industry leaders to assist organizations in deploying workplace productivity solutions through IT equipment, software, and services.

Common Mistakes in Deploying Modern Workplace Solutions

  • Adding displays that are too large or too small.
  • Not allowing enough space for individuals to move comfortably.
  • Installing inadequate lighting.
  • Implementing low bandwidth connection.
  • Inappropriate infrastructure planning.
  • Higher down time due for complex setups.

Designing an enterprise workplace productivity solution is a major task and mistakes happen in shifting from legacy infrastructure to a modernized workplace. Rahi's customized meeting room solutions are intended to maximize ROI, increase productivity, and improve performance.

Customized Meeting Space Solutions

A properly designed workplace solution is as essential as durable hardware and agile software when it comes to business operations and employee productivity. Rahi’s A/V experts design and deliver an integrated, high-tech workplace for both in-office and remote employees, including:

It is time to rethink how teams work. Contact Rahi now to experience the next generation of workplace productivity.

Factors to Consider when Designing an Enterprise Workplace Productivity Solution

Rahi’s A/V team will determine which collaboration layout is optimal for your organization.

Location & Accessibility

Meeting rooms that are located on different floors, numbered improperly, cause downtime in workflows.

Meeting Room Capacity

Meeting rooms must be able to accommodate small groups to large groups of individuals effectively.


Each type of meeting requires a different type of layout. This can make a difference in how we collaborate.

Quality of AV Equipment

A/V equipment should be up-to-date and high-performing to ensure seamless and hassle-free meeting experience.

Room Flexibility

Meeting rooms must be adaptable in terms of hardware and software to meet the requirements of employees.

Future Scalability

A/V systems grow with organization needs, design should consider present and potential future demands.

Training of Technology

Users must be trained in the technology that exists in the meeting rooms to ensure smooth operations.

User Experience

It is important to have an easy scheduling platform so teams can meet and collaborate as often as they need to.

Custom Designs and Layouts for Meeting Spaces

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Essential Technology for Unified Communications

Digital Whiteboards

Digital, interactive whiteboards allow users to interact with team members and share their ideas in real-time.

Video Walls

Video Walls must be high resolution and correctly sized to allow users to interact and boost team engagement.

Digital Signage

Digital signage makes it easy to know if a room is occupied and streamlines booking to reduce downtime and increase productivity.

Video Technology

High definition cameras ensure that all users are clearly seen and feel involved.

Phone Booths

Some offices may benefit from sound-proof phone booths that allow employees to make calls with potential customers or business partners with privacy.


High-performing speakers and microphones are required for proper audio distribution, clarity of speech, and meeting a success.

Case Study

A/V Design and Implementation

Rahi designed a solution while accommodating Envoy's budget and technology preferences that helped Envoy outfit their offices with consistent, high-quality A/V technology.

Rahi is focused on building what we want rather than what Rahi wants, The Rahi team was always willing to go the extra mile to make things work well. Rarely do we have problems. And people who come into our space are impressed.

– Matt Harris

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Find your workplace productivity solutions with Rahi

As a leading systems integrator and value-added reseller, Rahi assists organizations in enhancing workplace productivity with proper assessment, planning, and implementation.

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