IT Hardware Maintenance Services and Support

IT Hardware Maintenance Support and Services

With our Hardware Support as Service (HSaaS), you can bundle software as a service that can be utilized for contract lifecycle management. We provide inventory and asset management.

Why Us?

We provide comprehensive lifecycle management as a service, including hardware and contract lifecycle.

Global Warehouse, Stocking and Inventory Management

Our global presence with warehouses located worldwide allows us to ensure successful inventory management no matter where you are located. Our team provides complete lifecycle management. We ensure replacement hardware to be shipped within 24 hours.

Rahi Warehouse Locations

Spares Management

We manage spares in 3 different ways.

  • Customer consigned spares
  • We purchase and maintain spares
  • Vendor provided spares
Spares Delivery
  • Delivery within 24 hours, available in certain locations
  • 4-hour SLA for ticket acknowledgment

Spares Audit
  • Quarterly Cycle – Count of Spares
  • Min/Max Level Maintenance

Renewals Management

  • Analytics and Reporting
  • Proactive Support Contract Positioning and Sales
  • Warranty Monitoring


One-Stop Solution

Hardware Support as Service (HSaaS) provides a one-stop shop for Inventory & Asset Management. Maximize product value throughout the entire hardware lifecycle in managing your services from design to disposal, which can include with our Contract Lifecycle Management (CLM) software that provides additional capabilities for companies with secure document management systems.


Our Hardware Support as Service (HSaaS) can save businesses from the ever-rising storage and associated resource costs with hardware purchases and maintaining spares. Partnering with us, you benefit from our unmatched scale and scope, experience and insight, innovative approach and deep relationships with world’s leading technology companies.

Proactive Service Model

Hardware Support as Service (HSaaS) uses a business model that is built on the value premises of delivering customer service effectively. It offers reliability with a robust RMA process and support around the clock. We deliver holistic, multi-platform-certified support through comprehensive services for maintenance, execution and revenue retention.


Business growth and system scalability go hand-in-hand. Enterprises no longer have to worry about scaling up their global presence with our Hardware Support as Service (HSaas) model. With extensive multiregional coverage, we engage certified technicians to provide maintenance, repair, replacement and other hardware services that keep end users work in-disruptive. We support customers’ variety of technologies and unique business needs with our global multi-vendor solution.

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