Data Center Electrical Infrastructure, Solutions and Systems

Data Center Electrical Services

Maximize data center operational efficiency by expediting innovation of IT infrastructure with Rahi’s professional electrical fit-out services.

To meet the exponential increase in data demands, a robust data center infrastructure is essential

Proper assessment, design, installation, implementation, and management of the data center’s electrical infrastructure is critical to support daily operations. Although each data center's electrical fit-out system may appear to be identical, it varies based on functionality and usage.

Rahi's Data Center Electrical Services

Rahi's Data Center professionals are well-versed in data center electrical fit-outs and can assist you in adopting the right approach. We ensure that no detail is overlooked, from consultation to safety regulations and equipment installation. As a leading systems integrator company and global IT solutions provider, we make sure the right questions are asked. Regardless of whether you have a plan or need step-by-step assistance, our experts guide you with the right solution.

Our Data Center Electrical Fit-Out Solutions

Data Center Space, Cooling, and Power Optimization

Our experts assess data center electrical infrastructure to make sure that equipment works in sync. Rahi's engineering team takes a broad approach to power and cooling.

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Data Center Cooling

Power Distribution Units (PDUs)

Rahi can assess, build, implement, and monitor the right type of PDU for your data center’s electrical infrastructure system. We deliver in-rack and on floor PDU solutions based on the power requirements.

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Data Center PDUs

Assembly and Switchgear Solutions

Rahi's data center experts ensure that switchgear is properly designed and implemented to minimize downtime and data loss. It monitors, secures, and isolates electrical equipment, secures a steady supply of energy to power the data center, and manages utility and generator power.

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Data Center Switchgear Solutions

Backup Power Systems

Rahi designs, implements, and manages backup power to prevent downtime and keep DC operations running. Our global partnerships with premier DC equipment manufacturers assure best-in-class installations to power your data center during a disaster until normal power is restored.

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Data Center Backup Solutions

Rahi’s Fit-Out Professional Services

Data Center Room Design
Electrical Power System
Data Center Fire Prevention System
Security & Environmental Monitoring System
HVAC system
UPS solutions
Raised Flooring and Rack Solutions
Structured Cabling Solutions
Switches and Infrastructure
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Case Study

Cabling Infrastructure Design & Implementation for Sauce Labs

Rahi handled the procurement of racks, PDUs, and cabling and used its facilities to stage the equipment prior to delivery to the co-location facility.

The iterative process of design and evaluation has led us to make informed improvements and develop data center solutions with the right materials and timely deployments. We chose Rahi because they have the experience and expertise to take our vision and make it a reality.

– Mark Paz
Sauce Labs

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Get in touch with Rahi’s DC experts for planning, designing, maintaining, and managing your data center electrical fit-out systems.

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