Cloud Services

Cloud services with near-infinite scalability and an OPEX-based financial approach to enhance enterprise flexibility.

When adopting a cloud, model business experience inefficiency and a lack of cost visibility

Organizations worldwide are shifting towards highly accessible technologies to ensure applications and data availability anytime and anywhere. As a global systems integrator and IT solutions provider, Rahi assures cloud migration to be smooth and aligned with your business goals.

Cloud Services and Solutions We Offer

Cloud Deployment Solutions

Enable SaaS, PaaS, or IaaS for high quality, security-enabled, and flexible business applications.

Cloud Computing Architecture

Rahi develops front and back end platforms and a cloud-based delivery system for your project architecture.

Cloud App Development Services

Rahi’s cloud experts develop scalable and secure solutions that ensure business continuity and maximize ROI.

24/7 Cloud Management & NOC Support

Managing the cloud is a never-ending task. Let Rahi configure, manage, and monitor your cloud while you focus on critical business operations.

Cloud Security Management

Rahi offers cloud audits, risk and identity management, and cloud security architecture that is aligned with your business standards.

Serverless Computing Solutions

Rahi's serverless computing solutions help businesses to deploy projects without managing backend infrastructure.


  • Go global in minutes. Faster deployments & rapid functioning of IT systems.
  • Scale on demand. Get exact capacity required, no more under or over capacity.
  • Save huge on OPEX. Reduce spending on infrastructure maintenance.
  • Speed & Agility. Enhance software & hardware, increased performance with smooth integration.
  • Pay As You Go Pricing. On-demand delivery of IT resources, pay for what you use

Rahi’s Cloud Service Offerings

Gain total control over your cloud infrastructure and choose the best solution as per your size and storage requirements.

Public Cloud

Get cloud services and resources entirely managed by the service provider, such as applications, virtual machines, infrastructure, and storage. Customers using the public cloud can scale at an infinite rate, which is not possible with on-premise data centers and storage.

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Private Cloud

Get services and infrastructure on a private network with hardware and software solely dedicated to your business. Private clouds can be hosted on your personal infrastructure, at an external colocation facility, or through private cloud service providers.

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Hybrid Cloud

Get combined benefits of public, private, and on-premise cloud computing. To minimize costs and increase resource optimization, assets are allocated in diverse cloud environments based on the organization’s policies and risks involved.

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Cloud Migration

When you migrate your existing on-premise system to the cloud, you reduce physical asset needs, infrastructure maintenance costs and increase business mobility. Rahi's migration strategy assists customers with achieving a trouble-free transformation and building effective cloud solutions for their business needs.

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ELEVATE Services

Rahi's ELEVATE services are designed to offer organizations the most advanced cloud solutions in order to enable efficient operations, maximize ROI, and equip businesses for success.

Rahi’s cloud experts define your organization's demands by conducting extensive fact-finding, profiling, and capacity planning. We analyze and evaluate your IT needs in order to save time and money. Rahi takes into account multiple criteria while developing a cloud solution for organizations, including:

  • Standards & Certifications Compliance Required

  • Business Goals and Technological Roadmap

  • Data Security and Governance Policies

  • Migration Support, Vendor Lock-in & Exit Planning

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Rahi Cloud Services

Rahi brings industry-leading expertise, tools, and resources to customers building a cloud strategy for the future of their enterprise business.

The cloud delivers proven business benefits, including greater IT agility, near-infinite scalability, and an OpEx financial model. However, very few organizations will move all workloads to the cloud — most will maintain some applications and data in traditional IT infrastructure. In other words, most organizations will leverage a hybrid cloud approach.

Rahi is uniquely qualified to help organizations develop and execute a hybrid cloud strategy. With our core strength in data center infrastructure and deep understanding of cloud platforms, we can assess the customer’s environment to determine the best platform for each application.

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