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Customer Terms and Conditions

This site provides valuable customer information, including terms and conditions of sale, product return policy and business credit terms. Open the documents below for more details.

Terms and Condition of Sale

Below please find the applicable current terms and condition of sale for the region in which the product, software and/or services are provided to buyer by Rahi:

North America

Region Language Effective Date
United States 02.01.2023
Canada 02.01.2023
Canada 02.01.2023

Latin America & the Caribbean

Region Language Effective Date
Argentina, Chile, Colombia, México, Perú 02.01.2023
Brazil 02.01.2023

Asia Pacific

Region Language Effective Date
Australia 02.01.2023
Hong Kong 02.01.2023
India 02.01.2023
Indonesia 02.01.2023
Japan 02.01.2023
Korea 02.01.2023
Malaysia 02.01.2023
New Zealand 02.01.2023
Philippines 02.01.2023
Singapore 02.01.2023
Taiwan 02.01.2023
Thailand 02.01.2023
Vietnam 02.01.2023

Europe, Middle East and Africa

Region Language Effective Date
France 02.01.2023
Ireland 02.01.2023
Netherlands 02.01.2023
Turkey 02.01.2023
United Arab Emirates (UAE) 02.01.2023
United Kingdom 02.01.2023

Product Return Policy

Below please find the product return policy that applies to those products provided by Rahi:

Region Language Effective Date
Global 02.01.2023

Business Credit Terms

Below please find the business credit terms that apply when Rahi is granting buyer business credit

Region Language Effective Date
Global 02.01.2023

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